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Joy Mikhail

Joy Mikhail

Chief Operations Officer

Joy is a strategic thought leader with over a decade of dedicated experience in non-profit leadership both domestically and internationally, focusing on the fields of migrant and refugee services and humanitarian aid. Her professional journey has been marked by success in building and executing programs and navigating the complex US immigration system. Her commitment to empowering displaced populations and fostering inclusive communities is evident through the development and implementation of holistic initiatives aimed at enhancing the well-being and integration of displaced individuals and families.


She possesses a wealth of knowledge and practical skills essential for addressing the complex challenges faced by newcomers. She is dedicated to equipping stakeholders, community members, and service providers with the essential tools and knowledge needed to create spaces where individuals and communities not only thrive but also contribute to a ripple effect of positive impact.


Fueled by the conviction that genuine transformation emerges from collaborative endeavors, Joy strives to play a pivotal role in shaping a world where every individual feels a profound sense of belonging and has the opportunity to actively participate in transformative initiatives.

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