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Who can join Impact OASIS? has launched a new social community that offers a powerful platform for families and friends touched by autism and interested in planning for the future to connect and communicate. is an interactive, content rich blog and video centric online community and personal exchange developed exclusively for these families and friends. is for anyone and everyone who has had autism as a part of their lives and wants to share in a vision for the future of these children that includes promoting the inclusion and acceptance of autistic individuals into their local communities by establishing environmentally exemplary farm centers that provide meaningful work, peaceful and healthy residences and community interaction. Families and friends of loved ones with autism who share our vision and recognize that we must plan for the future of these individuals can start groups and forums to discuss triumphs and tribulations, share life experiences and strategies, find support, learn about new treatments, exchange ideas, learn, share, support and provide solutions. br>

Is membership Free?
Yes, it is free to join Impact OASIS.

How can I advertise on Impact OASIS?
Impact OASIS does not offer advertising opportunities at this time.

What domains should I whitelist with my email client?
Just add to your list of approved "buddy" contacts to be assured that you are able to receive messages.

How do I invite large numbers of people to Impact OASIS?
Click on the Invite menu tab. There are four ways to invite people to Impact OASIS.
1. Enter Email Addresses
This simple method lets you enter the email addresses of your friends separated by commas. You can use the default message provided, modify it or replace it. Then send.

2. Import from Web Address Book
This method lets you import addresses from your AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, MSN or Yahoo email (if you have one or more of these). You need to provide login information so Impact OASIS can fetch those contacts. Once you import the addresses, you can select which ones to send invitations to.

3. Import from Address Book Application
This method lets you upload a CSV (comma separated values) file exported by your Outlook or PIM application. Follow the instructions of your email application to export your contacts to the CSV format. Then browse for the file on your hard drive and upload the file. Then you can select which people to send invitations to.

4. Personal Invitation Link
This method gives you the ability to send out your own mass emails to friends to join Impact OASIS. Simply copy this unique link text as shown and paste it into your email somewhere, perhaps in your signature line. Then send your email to as many people as you like. When they click on this link, their browser will receive a special cookie that links them to you. When they sign up, you get the referral credit.

NOTE: Sometimes people you invite may simply type "" directly into their browser instead of using the link provided by your invitations. If this happens, there is no way for Impact OASIS to know that you invited them and you will not get the referral points. We apologize, there is nothing we can do about this.

I'm getting too many emails from Impact OASIS!
Don't panic. You have complete control. Go to My Settings and click on the Email tab on the left side. Now you can check or uncheck notifications you want to receive or not receive, respectively. For example, if you do not want to automatically follow discussions that you comment on, just uncheck that box.

What if I accidently block one of my connections?
Go to your Profile, click on the little “man” icon at the top left in the black bar to open your list of friends/contacts. There, click on the “blocked” tab and the person should appear there. Then you can unblock him/her.

What if I Forgot My Password?
If you forget your password, simply use the “forgot your password” link on the sign in page.

I can’t remember my email address.
First, click the “problems signing in” link and submit a ticket to Ning (our hosting provider) to help you recover your email or apply a new email. Ning absolutely controls account security/authentication, not Impact OASIS.

How do I upload a profile picture?
1.) Go to My Page
2.) Click on “Change My Photo” on the left, underneath your name and location
3.) On the “My Settings – Profile” page, click on the icon next to Profile Photo (it’s a small box with a picture icon in it)
4.) Select “Upload an image from your computer,” then “browse” to upload a picture from your computer

I tried to upload media (photos / videos / etc.) to Impact OASIS and it says that it needs to be approved. What do I do?
Impact OASIS does not allow members to freely upload media content. All content submitted by members to the community site will be reviewed by the administrator for appropriate content. You will be notified by e-mail when / if your content is approved. You may, however, freely upload media to your My Page.

What if I have other questions not addressed by this FAQ?
Either contact us or drop us a comment below to get our attention. We'll try to answer it ASAP.

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