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I have a question on why put an age limit to who can be involved in different things offered?

This really bothers me. I have a 28 year old autistic girl who has a lower cognitive function and by just looking at her, you would think she was around 12 and by her actions you would think around 8. She hasn't changed much over the years . So what is the difference from 25 to 26? Why put a age limit on anything for autism? There are many like her who lose the opportunity to be apart of something because of their age and I don't think that's right. I wanted her to go to this camp for people with seizures she has those too and they called and said she's told old, the deadline is 27 and we were like what?? Why?? Does it more a difference within a year. This happens a lot. So if anybody can answer me why this is the way everybody does things I would appreciate it because I know of a lot of families who are struggling with their adult children because there isn't much out there!

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Hi Jim,

Thank you for your email and our apologies for getting back to you so late.  We have been busy working on our programs and tweaking our schedules as we ended our first year in operation and began our second. 

When we started this program, our goal was to address the needs of students coming out of high schools and giving them an alternative to the limited programs available.  We certainly understand your frustrations as we, also parents of children with autism, began Impact OASIS because we saw the dearth in resources for autistic individuals when they grew up and left high school.  

We set up our residence and our programs to help lead young autistic adults from high school to the next phase - almost like their version of college.  Our hope is to one day open a second facility for these young adults as they transition out of their initial residence at Impact OASIS, however, we are not there yet.  When we begin to plan for that next phase, we will certainly post it on our website.

Thank you again for your inquiry and best of luck to you and your daughter.  Maybe we will see you in the future.

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